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Geissler Patrick
Taxi / Car Rental
Unterdorf 11
A-6631 Lermoos / Tyrol

Phone.: +43 664 266 7 166
Fax.: +43 5673 21000

Exclusive Shuttle Tyrol
Phone.: +43 664 28 28 288
Fax.: +43 5673 21000

VAT Registration No.: ATU56939488
Legal Venue.: Reutte Local District Court / Tyrol
Public Authority according to Austria’s E-Commerce Law.: Reutte Administrative District / Tyrol

Bank Details:
Sparkasse Reutte
Bank Sort Code: 20509
Account No.: 00500001680
IBAN: AT362050900500001680

General Standard Terms & Conditions:

With respect to ordering transfers, messenger services, limousine services and taxi journeys, we accept no liability or guarantee for any consequential damage or other claims, resulting from the non-provision or non-implementation of a service or services ordered, for whatever reason.  Journeys can be booked by telephone, via the Internet or by fax. If unforeseeable events arise, such as traffic congestion, accidents, weather-related delays and other instances of force majeure, we reserve the right to cancel or to discontinue a confirmed journey at short notice. In these cases we will endeavour to organise a replacement vehicle within a reasonable, useful time period. The price for the journey is the price originally agreed. Persons and/or objects which endanger and/or adversely affect the security of the passangers, the driver and other persons on the road, are excluded from travelling in our vehicles. We accept no liability for objects left behind and/or lost in the vehicle; also we do not make any damages payment with respect to losses incurred.

Our quotations are subject to change. All prices made public are inclusive of legally-required Value Added Tax, in so far as no reference is expressly made to the contrary. The prices made public are without guarantee and are subject to printing and typing errors. If no other agreements have been made, the sum for the service provided is to be paid directly to the driver in our vehicle. The same provision also applies, in the general sense, for the use of appropriate vouchers or coupons. In the event of delay in payment by the customer, we are entitled to charge penalty interest on the arrears, which may be up to 1.5 % higher than the interest rate at which we refinance. The legal venue is the court responsible for the location of the company headquarters; the laws of Austria apply. In so far as any individual provision of these General Standard Terms & Conditions is invalid, this does not affect the other provisions of these General Standard Terms & Conditions. Invalid provisions are to be replaced by provisions which correspond most closely to the sense of the invalid provision. The remaining General Standard Terms & Conditions are located on our company’s premises and in all our limousines and taxis. The operator of the website does not guarantee the up-to-date status, completeness or quality of the information and illustrations provided.

In so far as any actions by the website operator forming the subject of a claim, are not provably deliberate, or acts of gross negligence, all liability claims against the operator are excluded, where the claims relate to material damage, immaterial damage, or errors, as a result of using erroneous or incomplete information on this website. All quotations are subject to change and are non-binding.

The operator expressly reserves the right to make additions to the whole website and/or parts thereof, without prior notification, or to discontinue the operation of the website.

It is a matter of principle that, in the case of references to external Internet sites (links – direct or indirect), the contents of those sites are outside the responsibility of the website operator, or of the author respectively; for this reason no liability obligation can come into force, on the part of the website operator, unless the website operator had knowledge of the content and of the violation of the law which that content represents.

The operator declares that that he has no influence on the Internet content of linked websites, either now or in the future; for this reason he expressly distances himself from all the contents of these websites and any possible claims resulting from them, whichever law they may violate. This applies to all links and references made, as well as to external entries in guest books, forums, mailing lists and similar material.

Listing links and referring to links/sites does not in any way represent a request to visit or to use the corresponding sites/links.

Exclusiv Shuttle Tirol

Exclusiv Shuttle Tirol

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